Founded in 2000 MASS Concrete are the leading manufacturer of Concrete surfaces in the UK. We are widely recognised by leading Architects and Designers and have been involved in many prestigious projects, both at home and overseas.

We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service. From design stage to installation we work closely with clients, architects and designers to create a finished product that fulfils client needs and expectations.

From our large Dorset based manufacturing facility MASS can offer the complete package, including a nationwide template, delivery and installation service. Good partnerships with professional mould makers, steel and joinery fabricators ensure a complete turnkey package. MASS has a vast colour range and can also offer a bespoke colour matching service providing customer flexibility. Products are manufactured in a controlled environment using various specialist techniques to suit the complexity of client requirements.

All products are individual and hand crafted enabling a high degree of flexibility to suit the needs of the end users. Surfaces are often backed with foam making them far more lightweight than traditional concrete ensuring it is easier to handle and fit. The application of a robust sealant system makes them suitable for use in many different environments including Bars, Wash Hand Basins and Reception Desks.

MASS are environmentally aware and currently recycle around 90% of waste products from the manufacturing process.

MASS Concrete, the UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke concrete surfaces.

Quite simply, MASS is a new generation of concrete.  It combines high strength, lightness, heat and stain resistance which contrasts sharply with the heavy and porous nature of everyday concrete. Cooler to the touch than laminates and warmer than stone, the character of MASS surfaces vary from a silky satin finish to rougher looking raw concretes.  There is a standard range of useful colours to choose from and bespoke colours can be matched to a particular sample swatch.

Unique Material
Heat Resistance
Stain Resistance

How MASS Concrete Is Made

MASS is a new generation of concrete. It offers the character of a sensuous handcrafted finish, combined with high-strength performance from micro-concrete technology.
The surfaces are produced using accurately machined moulds, which are specially made for each casting. The concrete is digitally batched using high performance cements and pozzolanic binders combined with selected clean, fine and well graded sands, pigments and integral admixtures. These help to control the water:cement ratio to the optimum for full hydration, while still producing the flow characteristics of self-compacting concrete.

High strength

This finely tuned mix gives MASS its dense, robust and durable appearance. Compressive strengths of more than 140MPa are achievable.


Keeping the weight down is critical. MASS does this by combining the micro concrete with its laminating system. This means surfaces can be made in longer lengths and widths than resin composites – and at a thickness of just 18mm. So weight is kept to an absolute minimum for handling and installation.
This versatility also enables down-stand legs to be moulded to the perimeter of the top surface up to 100mm in depth, to give the appearance of a solid slab. This means using far less material than conventional concrete for the same finished depth.

Extensive finishing process

Unusually for a concrete product, many MASS surfaces have a hand-crafted character. The secret is an extensive finishing process. The cast surfaces are water-cured for at least two weeks. Then they are polished using fine, high-grade diamond impregnated discs. This cutting through the sand grains gives the surfaces their superior cut and abrasion resistance, while maintaining a high quality appearance and sheen. Finally, a tough stain-resistant sealant is applied.

Cast to order

Cast Advanced Concretes casts all the work to order, with an extensive range of mix designs. Products come in a range of colours, including the natural greys of concrete as well as whites, creams, browns, blacks and a selection of pastel shades. Thicknesses are available from 40mm-100mm, cast to almost any shape and size. The finish ranges from a gloss to matt depending on customer requirements – a contemporary look that complements glass, stainless steel and timber. Rougher looking raw concrete finishes are also available.

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