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Our pursuit of creative excellence in concrete begins with a full understanding of the concept, the aesthetics and the specific challenges of any new project.

We believe that our services are best harnessed during the very early stages of a new project.  This allows colours, textures and finishes to be thoroughly explored through sample trials.  Since 2003, MASS Concrete has developed more than 1600 unique mix designs, with the majority a direct result of a specifier’s vision and close collaboration with our specialist team of craftsmen.

Site-specific challenges, such as lifting, handling, site conditions and mechanical fixing methods, can all be addressed during these crucial pre-tender, early stages.  We will work with the design and project team to provide answers and offer innovative solutions.

Our team of draftsmen, project managers, mould makers, casters and installers have unmatched levels of skill, experience, dedication and knowledge.  It is these attributes that will stand out throughout the duration of a project.

MASS Concrete Work

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