MASS Concrete Factory in 2022

2022 MASS Overview for the Year

by Mass Concrete

2022 has definitely been a year to remember! The team at MASS Concrete have seen plenty of exciting developments over the past 12 months, and we can’t wait to head into 2023 with even more to look forward to. In this post, we take a look back on everything we at MASS Concrete have achieved this year, both as a team and as individuals.



We all have a part to play in working towards a greener future, especially as the impact of climate change becomes ever more evident.

Throughout 2022, one of our primary goals was to increase the green credentials of our products. We already had a wide range of eco-friendly processes in place, from sourcing raw materials to recycling our water, but we decided to go a step further by creating our recycled content finishes range.

Our recycled range consists of up to 70% recycled content, without compromising on strength or quality - a result we are immensely proud of. We’re excited to see how much higher we can push this percentage in 2023, so watch this space!



We introduced a variety of new machinery and manufacturing methods to our factory, opening up many more doors of possibility for our concrete.

July saw the long-awaited delivery of our new Concrete CNC machine, which gave us much more flexible control over our designs. We also began vacuum pressing and laminating our moulds.

Both are some very exciting additions to our manufacturing processes, and we can’t wait to continue developing our factory further - there’s no limit to where we’ll go!


2022 saw two new faces join us here at MASS Concrete, as well as one we were all familiar with.

  • Phil began his one-year work placement with us as part of his CAD Design course at Bournemouth University.
  • Iwona joined us as our new Office Administrator.
  • Quentin re-joined the team - clearly, he just couldn’t stay away!



We’re incredibly proud of team member Mousa, who celebrated a massive milestone achievement this year: graduating with a Master’s Degree in Design Engineering Project Management at Bournemouth University!



The ribbon has been cut, and our sample lounge is now open! Customers can visit to learn about the near limitless potential of MASS Concrete’s products, as well as see their concepts come to life.

Our doors are always open, so feel free to book a tour of our factory and meet the team today.



The new ping-pong table in our break room has certainly brought out our competitive sides, with everyone taking their chances at reaching the top.

The current reigning champion is none other than Victor from our Finishing Department, who has single-handedly destroyed the competition with his unbeatable whiff-whaff skills.

Whiff-whaff - it’s serious business.



We'd like to take this chance to thank everyone who used our services this year. MASS Concrete couldn't exist without you, and we hope that you had as fantastic a year as we did. We're looking forward to taking care of all your concrete needs next year, and every year after.

Now, bring on 2023!

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