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2023 Trend Alert: Dopamine Dressing & Pink Concrete Interiors

by Mass Concrete

MASS Concrete have noticed a colourful new interior design trend has been bubbling beneath the surface, gaining more and more traction in the spheres of designers, businesses and homeowners alike.

Gone are the days when 'concrete' meant 'grey'. There's been a colour revolution and MASS concrete products are stepping into the limelight in so many different ways.

And – if there's one colour we've seen cropping up time and time again – it's pink. Pink is in, in a big way, from kitchen floors to restaurant fit-outs and everything in between.

Sure, it can be used for incredible industrial chic and brutalist style, but it's also an amazing way to introduce a pop of colour into buildings.

The best thing about using concrete to embrace the dopamine trend is that it offers incredible versatility.

Dopamine dressing refers to incorporating colour and colour pairings into design. The idea is that the use of colour is joyful and fun which creates a sense of playfulness, energy and invigoration (and a release of dopamine – the 'feel-good' hormone').

In commercial and residential settings concrete can be used on everything from bar cladding and flooring, to feature walls and bespoke castings. It can also be used to create stunning bathroom suites, contemporary furniture, amongst other things.

MASS Concrete products can be produced in a range of vibrant colours and finishes, ideal for any dopamine design scheme, but pink is capturing the market as a current favourite – with no signs of slowing down.

You only need to check out this Vogue article on interior design trends 2023 to see that both pink hues, and concrete design, are making waves across the industry.

At Mass Concrete, we make a point of staying at the forefront of the industry and we have a range of coloured concretes that create beautiful bespoke finishes throughout different properties – with some incredible pink options available.

Whether you want to jump into dopamine design feet first, or test the waters with a few key pieces, there are loads of why you can incorporate dopamine dressing into your home or business.

Get in touch with a member of our team via our contact form or call 01202 628140 to discuss incorporating the dopamine trend into your next project with colourful concrete.

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