70 St Mary Axe

70 St Mary Axe

by Mass Concrete

MASS Concrete have recently completed the concrete installation for this distinctive central London building. 

Created by Foggo Associates and built by MACEMASS Concretes in-house design team worked collaboratively with Integra Contracts to ensure precise alignment between the ceiling and wall finishes, continuing the seamless linear these between vertical and horizontal planes. 

The double-height reflects the external cladding lines, creating a unique and dramatic space that is both bright and airy.

The polished chrome Tubeline ceiling that sits between the concrete beams has been designed to be 100% demountable and enables all of the usual MEP services to be contained within or above the ceiling, whilst still maintaining the desired acoustic functions.

MASS Concrete manufactured and supplied approximately 435 individual concrete beams with an average weight per beam of 45kgs.  

Off-site mock-ups were created, tested and fine-tuned and in total MASS installed almost 1.3 kilometres of concrete beams along with wall panelling to lift lobbies ground to level 20. 

The iconic and photogenic reception appeared on BBC One The Apprentice interview stage. 

Photo Credits:
James Reid Photography: http://jrp.photoshelter.com/portfolio

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