MASS Concrete Flooring

Find Your Perfect Floor - 30% Off Floor Panels

by Mass Concrete

Choose from over 1500+ flooring options, in a variety of colours, tones and styles.

Excellent sound-reducing qualities, durability and inherent fire resistance make our floor panels the solution of choice for feature reception spaces, retail stores, hotels and commercial projects. 

MASS Concrete flooring is easy to clean and relatively maintenance-free because it is tough and resistant to damages and stains. For daily cleaning, it can be swept and mopped with a neutral cleaning agent, just as you would do to a ceramic, stone or vinyl floor.

Why not reduce the carbon footprint by adding some recycled content? Crushed construction waste, recycled TV screens, metal milling swarf and recycled plastic have all been tried and tested in the past!

Contact the MASS sales team to hear about our current offers on flooring today! 

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