GFRC Concrete

Is GFRC Concrete a Sustainable product = YES!!

by Mass Concrete

Sustainable building solutions and ensuring that the materials used within projects are sourced and manufactured sustainably is a key thing for architects and contractors to consider within construction.

GFRC is fast becoming a popular material choice, providing an alternative to traditional concrete finishes. A strong, durable, flexible and versatile material used in a wide range of applications from flooring, wall panels, surfaces, joinery panelling, furniture, art sculptures and many many more.

MASS Concrete’s GFRC products are able to be cast to a far reduced thickness than traditional concrete products; requiring reduced natural resources, reduced energy use and reduced fuel consumption during manufacture and transportation of resources to site. MASS Concrete also go one step further; source all materials from local sustainable companies.

Waste is a big factor which needs to be taken into account within the planning of any construction project.  MASS Concrete manufacture products to suit site and joinery requirements; allowing cast in ‘cut-outs’, returns, profiles and other bespoke features before being factory sealed and delivered direct to site for installation; again provided by MASS Concrete.  This reduces any potential waste and additional time allowed for oversized panels which then require to be cut down on site. With MASS products being manufactured and cast to specific requirements and dimensions allows little or no excess concrete during casting.

The natural constituents used in the production of GFRC have no adverse effects on the environment nor ecosystems within the environment due to the low toxicity levels. MASS Concrete also use various recycled materials such as aggregates, glass, including the glass fibre and also crushed glass etc which helps define its sustainability.

There have been various studies which confirm the sustainability of GFRC. For example, the Government of the United Kingdom’s DETR/Concrete Industry Alliance ‘Partners in Technology’ project found that GFRC has a much lower environment impact by a factor of 60% compared to traditional precast concrete – taken from

If you have any questions or queries regarding the use of GFRC on your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced Sales or Estimating teams.

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