UK manufacturer and supplier of concrete

Made in the UK

by Mass Concrete

MASS Concrete are a UK manufacturer and supplier, all of our products are designed and manufactured in-house here in sunny Bournemouth, Dorset, UK.

There are many advantages of selecting a UK-based manufacturer for your UK projects as you have the face-to-face interaction and more importantly the ability to come and visit us and have a tour of our factory and even see your project in progress on the factory floor in person.

MASS Concrete are very much a bespoke product which allows us to offer a nearly endless choice of concrete colours, tones, profiles, finishes and exposed content such as aggregates, crushed recycled glass and various other recycled materials as part of the concrete matrix. Being UK-based allows our clients to be able to be involved in all stages from concept and sample development, design, manufacture and then finally installation on site.

Being made in the UK means that MASS Concrete have a shorter turnaround for our UK-based projects, and our eco footprint is much smaller than that of an overseas company having to import their goods overseas.

While working with our international clients all over the world we have costs and carbon footprints at the forefront of our minds, MASS ensure with our clients that enough time is allowed within the project programme to transport our goods via sea wherever possible.

There is a lesser risk to your supply chain selecting UK companies for your project as we are all aware of the fluctuations in the strength of the pound. When it comes to paying and importing your overseas goods a lot of businesses and projects have experienced vast headaches with budgets being exceeded by unexpected increases. While no company is immune to rises in the cost of raw materials, there are no hidden price increases related to conversion rates later on down the line.

One of the largest benefits of staying within the UK means we are strengthening the British economy by working together.

MASS Concrete wear our “Made In Britain” badge with pride!
Contact us today to see how we can bring your concrete visions to life!

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