MASS Concrete’s Sustainability

MASS Concrete’s Sustainability

by Mass Concrete

At MASS Concrete, sustainability is always at the forefront of our manufacturing thought process. How can we better ourselves? How do we continue to improve upon our processes and our products to have an even better positive impact while still delivering the fantastic products we pride ourselves on?

MASS Concrete have implemented a wide range of processes such as:

  • Sourcing our natural raw materials from sustainable suppliers only, and wherever possible, local to ourselves.
  • Reusing materials wherever possible; this can range from reusing our timber moulds and materials, and when they are at their end of life they are recycled by a local company.
  • All of our products are bespoke and cast to size, which allows us to accurately calculate the volume of concrete required for each casting. This eliminates any excess concrete waste and any need to cut down oversized panels, reducing time spent on site and materials required. This alone makes it a much cleaner and environmentally friendly option for incorporating MASS Concrete products into your projects.
  • MASS have an extensive water filtration and recycling system which reuses water through our polishing, cutting and filtration systems. Every drop matters!
  • At the end of a MASS Concrete products’ life, they can be simply crushed and repurposed as aggregates within the construction industry.
  • MASS Concrete manufactures all of our products ourselves right here in the UK at our factory in Bournemouth, Dorset. This reduces our carbon footprint with transportation to site.

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