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Seafood Disco by Studio Morison & NOW Gallery

Seafood Disco by Studio Morison & NOW Gallery

Seafood Disco is a permanent sculpture and public art commission by Studio Morison; a picnic table on a 5KM riverside walk around Greenwich Peninsula, London.

The biggest picnic table in London at 27 metres long and seating 60 people, Studio Morison have designed a long gently curving picnic bench beside the Thames in the shape of a smile.  

Unique geometries of the cone and cylinder, with the recurring hemisphere of the half coconuts propping up stools and popping through tabletops; the commission offers an outdoor cultural experience for London’s only elevated linear park. 

MASS Concrete helped develop unique precast concrete finishes with pearlescent shells and recycled glass set within the unique terrazzo surface of the table and bench surfaces

This new public space also includes four Seafood Disco barbecues, creating a green space for people to gather, cook and eat together, whilst enjoying views of the river.

View the video's below:- (see the MASS factory feature from 25 mins onwards)

Project Team & Photo Credits:
Studio Morison 
NOW Gallery 



Products Used:
- Craftsmanship Redefined: Concrete Furniture Unveiled
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