Stella McCartney, 23 Old Bond Street Concrete


Stella McCartney, 23 Old Bond Street

Having worked together on up to 100 projects, Stella McCartney approached MASS Concrete to assist with their flagship project at Bond Street, London. Spread over four floors and with 700m2 of retail space, Old Bond Street is known as one of the most prestigious retail locations in the world.

The concept involved an external façade with a specialist Steel support structure and MASS Concrete panels cast at 5 metres in length. The internal walls are clad with MASS fluted concrete in a range of textures and with curved skirtings and bulkheads. Bespoke retail displays were cast seamlessly, and MASS floor panels have been laid with an etched surface finish.

Project Team:
Stella McCartney Ltd 
Buzzoni Shop Interiors:
Hyphen Architecture:

Photo Credits:


Products Used:
- Concrete Wall Panels
- Concrete Floor Panels
- Concrete Signage
- Concrete Surfaces
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