Fluted Concrete Wall at Stella McCartney, Trafalgar Kuwait

Stella McCartney, Trafalgar Kuwait

Stella McCartney, Trafalgar Kuwait

Working with Trafalgar an internationally recognised luxury retail consortium, MASS Concrete proudly completed their 110th project for Stella McCartney mirroring the theme used within their London Bond Street Flagship store. 

Internal walls are clad with MASS fluted concrete in a range of textures including waterjet cut shelf spigots. Overhead portals separate each retail zone and have been clad in MASS etched panels with a bespoke designed cast in fixing system to allow for ease of installation. Bespoke signage is formed as a low-level entrance feature and backlit with Stella McCartney’s trademark logo. MASS also supplied floor panels with an etched surface finish to achieve the required slip rating.

Project Team:
Stella McCartney Ltd www.stellamccartney.com
Trafalgar General Trading Company www.trafalgarkuwait.com

Photo Credits:
Trafalgar General Trading Company


Products Used:
- Discover the Versatility and Strength of our Concrete Wall Panels
- Unveiling the Durability and Design Potential of Concrete Floor Panels
- Concrete Signage: Durable Statements for Lasting Impressions
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