Bull Yard

Tiny Little Witches Hovering by Studio Morison

Tiny Little Witches Hovering by Studio Morison

Tiny Little Witches Hovering is a permanent collection of Pre-Cast furniture and public art commissioned by Studio Morison for Bull Yard, Coventry.

Circular benches enclose trees, a gently arcing table and seating cuts across the square, assorted stools and bench variations offer rest at the edges of the public space and around the new play area.

The forms are built up from simple geometric shapes, the slab, the cylinder, the cone, with playful coconut size hemispheres upon the surfaces.

The two material finishes were inspired by the Hollington sandstone and green slate of the Cathedral and surrounding post war Bull Yard shopping parade. The pink mix is a smooth polished terrazzo style finish, whilst the aggregate of the dark green mix using a retarded finish to create a textured surface.

Project Team & Photo Credits:

Charles Emerson www.charlesemerson.co.uk
Studio Morison www.peakmorison.org

Samples Used:

Bases – BG01 C3_R_RES


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